Diego Baigorri


Diego Baigorri (Argentina, 1984). From childhood he has developed his creativity through drawing, literature, music, and programming, performing his first artistic exhibitions, graphic publications, and computer applications at an early age.

Has published online two books (philosophical narrative essays and fictional narrative), children's stories and a bunch of non-professional musical albums. His writings have been part of international anthologies and publications and his artworks have been exhibited, being part of local catalogs, in Paris, New York, London, Rome, Barcelona and Dubai, among other places.

Currently, he is member of the CE(Fi)P (Post-disciplinary Studies' Center of the National University of Rosario) and, in coordination with the "Sociedad Italiana", facilitates the artistic production workshop "Tintoretto, art as driver of emotions" for children between 7 and 12 years.

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Art vision

I consider art as the indeterminacy of the structured: the act that blooms in the resistance of my alterity to the coercion of the established inherited as a framework of intelligibility. Art is the narrowing of the abyss that opens between the homogeneous and the hegemonic, between the inherent and the learned, between the self and the continuous. Art is the political convergence of soma and its epistemology. Art is the observer objectified by contemplation, held by the transindividual intersections.

I consider that art exposes the fragility of structures, makes them metastable and empowers them to a new horizon: art is our massive evolution channel. The new technologies have allowed us to increase the demediatization of art with respect to academicism, religion, bourgeois fantasies and other coercing sacredness. Art is the message and the brushstroke, the click and the code.

"Art is our massive evolution channel."

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