Emilia is Emily


[hacé clic en Emilia para ver los dibujos]

Hi! I'm Emilia!

She is Emilia and she loves art.
Look! She is painting a beautiful heart.
Mixing yellow and blue and blue and white,
she has painted the grass and a lovely sky.

Emilia plays with a ball,
throwing it up and down, left and right.
Wait! Where is the ball now?
There, near the sun!

Emilia goes to kindergarten,
there she learns about art, forms and numbers.
She loves lying down on the ground.
Oh! She has gotten dirty with the flowers!

Emilia looks at the stars,
they shine and shine, all at the same time.
Wow! There goes a satellite,
tickling the moon, laughing out loud!

Emilia goes to bed,
she is very tired and excited,
and, playing to be a superhero,
she falls asleep on the floor
without a pillow.

See you!

The end.

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